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Thank you for visiting the virtual home of Waterford Greene/The Hamlet located in Limerick Township, western Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.
The Hamlet was created in 1993 by the builder The Rosen Organization.  The second phase created in 1996 by a new builder, Heritage Building Group lent our community the second name of Waterford Greene. Waterford Greene features a versatile mix of Town Homes, Carriage Homes (aka Condos) and Single Family Homes. 
Nestled between two golf courses, residents have recreation in their own back yard. Two tennis courts and a fully equipped Tot lot are also community highlights.
Our beautiful Clubhouse is offered to residents as a rental for any event they require extra entertaining space.
This community is a private community. There are "NO SOLICITING" signs posted on all entrances.  Residents do reserve the right to request for peddlers to show their permit (or 501c.3 ID non profit ID)and if not produced -  to call 911 to report the person/company. Non profit organizations are exempt.
This community is a neighborhood of private homes. Any questions regarding rentals in this community would have to be communicated through a local real estate agency.
ATTN: Mortgage Companies and Realtors - Please contact the Settlement Department
of Continental Property Management for ALL questions regarding sales of property, mortgage
and/or refinances of homes in the Hamlet HOA and Waterford Greene Condominium's:
Contact information:
Continental Property Management, Inc.
975 Easton Road, Suite 102
Warrington, PA 18976
215-343-1550 Phone
215-343-4409 Fax

ATTN Residents: Association Dues Mailing Address:
    Sort 478,     Hamlet Homeowners Association,       P.O.Box 745
    Warrington, PA  18976
ONLINE PAYMENT NOW AVAILABLE! See our  Architectural Req./Forms page for the flyer
~    Upcoming Events    ~
No Events at this time.

~ Community News ~
Parking in our community
Posted on Jan 4th, 2018 Comments (0)
Parking in our community is at a premium, please be aware and maximize your space. Use your driveways,and garages where possible, and do not park outside of your general street or cul-de-sac. Make use of the two overflow lots (off Waterford Way, and the far side of the clubhouse) - street map is on our website. Thank you.
Safety reminder at our bus stops
Posted on Oct 1st, 2017
To our Residents:
Parents - please ensure when parking at the bus stops that you park away from the stop signs. Township law is 30 feet from a stop signs (fines can be issued from the township). Please also be fully aware of incoming and out going traffic when managing children.  
Thank you
Be mindful of your Pets - REMINDER
Posted on Sep 22nd, 2017 Comments (0)
We as a community are all striving to make this a great place to live. Many residents have noted pet waste is on the increase, despite attempts to give our residents tools to remove their pet's waste. Litter cans have been installed to all dog stations, please utilize them. We are actively encouraging all residents to speak out and report to, or the "contact us link" if they note someone not being accountable for their pet(house number required for follow up). We want our residents and children to be safe and waste contamination is at a minimum.
For aggressive dog issues OR dogs off leash(a violation of PA state leash law)
1. Contact Township dispatch - 610-489-6262 to file a report(anonymity will be followed). An officer will get all details they need to follow through.
2. Second contact about same animal or owner - call the local police (610-495-7909) who will be able to reference the report and do a follow up and further action and determine if PA state dog warden should be involved - (610-287-1426).
Thank you for everyone's efforts.
How to "downsize" your trash toter
Posted on Sep 7th, 2017 Comments (0)
Effective Sept 2017 - Residents now have an option to "downsize" their larger toter used for trash.  For a one time cost of 25$, the trash company will drop off a toter similar to the recycle toter (lid color will be brown vs green), and the resident will be billed directly. Each interested resident should contact the trash company at the number on the vendor page with these requests, as well as how to schedule a swap. Please note - Property management will not be handling these requests. 
Emergency situations and what to do
Posted on Feb 16th, 2017 Comments (0)
To our community: There have been numerous requests for "What do I do" and calls placed to other community members instead of immediately escalating to the local law enforcement. Please note the following numbers and website links for those types of issues:
For non life threatening but need of law enforcement intervention(examples such as - unleashed pets, illegal parking, sitting unlicensed vehicles, unlawful driving of any vehicle on common areas, etc):
Please call - Limerick Township Police: 610-495-6432, Website:
For life threatening emergencies, immanent danger to person(s), or community (can include animals running loose,late night loitering, Vandalism) - please call 911
For concerns with wildlife (injured, sick, threatening) - call PA Game Commission(610-926-3136) and 911
Suspicious Activity - HOW TO HANDLE
Posted on Apr 22nd, 2016 Comments (0)
RESIDENTS: Suspicious activity has been noted in townhome cul de saqs and the clubhouse parking lot. If you see anything - CALL - 911. We need to be vigilant in protecting our neighborhood and ensure safety of our children, pets and homes.  Do not call the property management company or board members - the police are best equipped to handle these situations and calls will be taken anonymously.
Pot Holes and Sink Holes - if you need help
Posted on Mar 11th, 2016 Comments (0)
Have you seen a sink hole or dangerous pot hole in our community? Here are some contacts to reach out to and get prompt repair:
If Urgent (i.e - water main break - rushing out of and possible danger to cars, residents) - call 911, give cross streets for police to get to the area efficiently. Also call Pennsylvania American Water dept line - 1.800.565.7292
If not urgent and sited on the single home roads, or Crown Point or Knight Roads(these are township maintained roads) - call The Limerick Township Streets dept - 610-495-6432 ext 317 or email - Superintendent/Road master, William Bradford -
If sited in the Townhomes or Condo's  - please contact Continental Property Management directly - these roads are private and CPM manages these, or email as an alternate.

~ Resident Message Board ~
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For the Community Sponsor ad, the process is very easy...In the meantime, use the 'Contact Us' link to send over the copy you'd like to see in the ad, including .jpg and website links. You have about 2"x3" to work with.  Keep in mind, we would like to see offers/special considerations extended for 'our' neighbors in our Waterford Greene/The Hamlet Community. Pricing can be by month, or quarter, renewing on request. Rental space is $20 /per month. Checks should be made out to Hamlet Homeowner's Association. Use the contact us link for mailing instructions.



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